Thursday, 21 February 2013

S4-06: Football Teams

Hello S4-06, here are the football teams:

The Unknowns
Elgin Patt / Seah Jit Sheng / Daniel / Yi Lin / Benz Kew / Clarabelle

Hey Yo, BB!
Ming En / Kai Xuan / Kok Yin / Kang Yan / Pei Shan

Zhang Bo / Jun Jie / Teoh Yun / Seah Phua / Zhi Qi / Zong Wei

Supreme Leaders
Elgin Low / Wei Kang / Jamie / Sher Li / Shawn

Note: The first name (e.g. Ming En) will start 'Peer Coaching' from Week 8 (25th Feb) onwards.
The second name will be the videographer (e.g. Kai Xuan).Ming En should also bring his camera as a back-up.

Each coaching session is 15 minutes maximum. Each group will have 1 football per player & 10 cones each.

I will email to Daniel the Football Coaching Template. Daniel will be able to forward it to you.
Remember to email or pass me the hardcopy when you have completed your post-coaching reflection.

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